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Biscuits And Gravy


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This a song I wrote about a dumb slut I use to fuck. Sometimes I end up caught up in my own dumb ass feelings and end up writing some dumb ass shit. This is the result. Enjoy.

Originally released my "Northwest Chainsaw Massacre" Mixtape. I was inspired to re-master and re-release this song at a concert I recently performed at when the homie Coaster performed a track with the same name. Be sure to look him up and check that out.

A lot of inspiration clearly comes from Joe Williams as well as Esham, and Mastamind.


A wise man once said the wicked shit will never die.
And that hellraiser was right.
Man, I shouldn't tell 'em this shit.
Fuck it. I'm a tell 'em!

I used to see this hoe
Boy you don't even know
She like to drink, fuck, snort coke
And smoke dope
I knew she had a man
I didn't give a damn
My dick grew her hand
Then I hit it like a champ
She was down wit it
Choked her while I pounded it
Pussy so wet
When she'd squirt I'd almost drown in it
She was a down ass bitch
At least that's what I thought
Soon discovered she was just a slut
That loved the cock
Said she wouldn't fuck on her man's bed
Cuz she loved him so
Woke up to hear my homie did
She's just a nympho
Now she's cooking biscuits and gravy
And I'm here going crazy
Wanna pour that hot pot on her head
And burn her face red

Get Out My Life Woman
You don't love me no more (x3)

I'm pissed and getting tense
But I can't hate my friend
Don't hate the player hate the dame
And now I crave revenge
Stayed calm gave her a call
Invited her over for dinner
Told her to leave the kids home
Cuz I'll be balls up in her
She gon' be walking with a cane
When I'm done wit her
She was at the door quick
She must have found a sitter
I beat that pussy up
Beat it from white to black
Said it was longest orgasm
That she ever had
Just wanna slap her
Then stab her
Accept this time it's not my dick
Sick bastard
She soaked in bath suds
Gave her a back rub
Next thing you know the hoe
Drowning in the bathtub

Get Out My Life Woman
You don't love me no more (x3)

Oh no what have I done
Baby it was all in fun
Was only playin' please wake up
Before I'm on the run
Practicin' CPR
Drunk off PBR
And Black Velvet
Man, I couldn't help it
Damn, she didn't wake
Haven't left the house in days
The tub is where she stays
I haven't bathed
I haven't shaved
Eric's calling for his sister
I don't know what to tell him
She was sent to heaven
By a two time felon
I've gotta get away quick
Before her corpse decays
The stench is getting worse
Each and every fucking day
Escape is what I choose
Oh shit, the boys and blue
Nothing to loose I guess
It's time to put these guns to use

Get out my life baby
You don't love me no more
Wow, get out my life baby
You don't love me no more
Get out my life darlin'
You don't love me no more


released September 18, 2022

Joe Williams

The Mel Lewis Orchestra




CON-CRETE Bremerton, Washington

CON-CRETE was born on March 11th, 1981 on the wet streets of Seattle, WA in a haunted cemetary during a Satanic Ritual. Okay that's bullshit, he was born in a hospital, but that shit would have been awesome if it was true.

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